Lead graphic designer - Andrius

Hi, my name is Andrius S. a.k.a 7gone, I am professional independent graphic designer, working in this industry for 10 years and I love what I am doing. I am self-taught, self inspired artist and all creativeness comes from my inside. As designer I am trying absolutely to avoid a influence of typical design style that's is full of internet, so my mission is to make something specific, fresh and discover new interesting styles, in other words I wanna be the one who opens new trends, but not the one who jumps in to the already existing trend of design, it's too easy.


Logos, Brand books, icons, symbols, signs, illustrations, poster, banners, business cards, brochures, book covers, gif animations, svg animations, and many cool thing related to art and graphic design!


Some of my clients that I have been working with:

  • "FXTRADING.COM" - This is the one of the upcoming serious trading platform, that will allow you to trade with currencies. I made: LOGO DESIGN, BANNERS, ICONS
  • "XENOX.NL" - Music and Media manager. I made: LOGO DESIGN
  • "CARINPHONE.COM" - Secures the car with innovative and effective technologies, which are admitted by insurance companies, car showrooms and car alarm experts. I made: App Design
  • "nordcurrent" - GAME DEVELOPMENT STUDIO I made: character drawings and print designs
  • "VIGILANT GEAR" - One of my client that I worked with I made: Business Card
  • "YASAYA" - Japanese cleanliness and hygiene products stores YASAYA "- directly from the Land of the Rising Sun country. I made: Business Card, Logo Adjustment
  • "QUANTAVE" - Connectivity solutions for digital asset markets I made: LOGO DESIGN
  • "CSGOSKINS.NET" - Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins store, you can sell, buy or earn the skins. I made: LOGO DESIGN
  • "BCE" - Transport Management and Control System (CMS) production and sales. I made: App Design
  • "BEE MARKETING" - Digital marketing agency, Facebook marketing, Google AdWords, SEO service, Web Page Development. I made: LOGO DESIGN, BUSINESS CARD, TENT DESIGN,
  • "SONGHOP.FM" - Working with company that developed fast way to find music. I made: LOGO